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Hair Expert Tove Dalsryd tried the new Long Lasting Color series

| Olivia Sandström

Löwengrip's Hair Expert Tove Dalsryd tried the new and improved Long Lasting Color series. Here are her best hair hacks!

Hi, Tove! Why is it so important to always use heat protection in your profession as a hair stylist?
- Hi! I'm always very careful to use when I style someone else's hair as I wouldn't want to burn or damage their hair in any way. Many people use heating tools everyday which is very damaging for your hair. 
What's your best go to hair do's when you don't want to wash your hair too often? 
- I love to do a slicked middle part with my hair in a low pony tail, or just behind my ears. The more oily the hair is, the better it gets to style this look. It looks surprisingly elegant and styled - with minimal effort. 

You've tried Long Lasting Color series with new & improved formulas a few months prior to its' relaunch. What do you think about the shampoo?
- I like this Shampoo cause it doesn't dry my hair up, my hair feels healthy already before applying conditioner in the shower. My hair easily gets tangled, but this shampoo made it softer than usual which I really appreciated. 

What do you think about Long Lasting - Color Conditioner and Color Hair Mask?
- The conditioner makes my hair very soft and hydrated without weighing my hair lenghts down. The Color Hair Mask gives my hair a deep treatment and leaves my hair feeling healthy and rehydrated. 

What do you think about the new Long Lasting - Heat Protector
- It's the perfecting heat protection that suits everyone! It makes my hair soft without leaving a sticky feeling, which I really like - especially if you use many products at the same time. 

How often would you recommend to wash your hair? 
- As few times a week as possible. I replace many of my hair washes with shampoo to conditioner only. Your hair wont feel just as fresh as when washing it with shampoo, but close to it. Just make sure to be generous when applying conditioner, apply it from your roots to your lengths and ends.

To what hair type would you recommend Long Lasting Color series?
- I would say that it suits most hair types as it's a gentle, hydrating series - but it's especially great for the ones with colored hair. Heat Protector suits anyone who uses heating tools or blow-dries their hair. It makes your hair soft and easy to style.

What are your best advice when it comes to protect your hair against color loss and damage from heating tools? 
- Try to minimize your use of heating tools. There's lots of good ways to curl your har without using a curling iron. To prevent color loss I recommend using products made for colored hair, such as Long Lasting Color series. Don't wash your hair too often - try a good dry shampoo instead! 

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