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How to get a naturally glowing base without makeup

| Olivia Sandström

Naturally radiant skin with Instant Glow - Löwengrip's Hair Expert as well as Makeup Artist Tove Dalsryd shares her best glow hacks.

How do you use the Instant Glow products to highlight your skin's natural glow without makeup?  

- Instant Glow - Day Mask is the perfect base for whenever you don't feel like wearing makeup. It has a smoothing effect and makes your skin look naturally radiant and healthy. I also like to apply Instant Glow - Serum Drops on my cheek bones as a natural and subtle highlighter.

How do you use the Instant Glow products in combination with makeup? 

- Combining Instant Glow - Serum Drops and Whipped Cream creates the perfect base for your makeup. The products really boost your skin with lots of hydration and lustre. I also use the Facial Mist before and after applying makeup for priming effects and for maximum glow.

What's your best trick to glow-boost dull skin?  

- My best hacks for glowing skin is to exfoliate my skin properly. I love Löwengrip's Skin Reboot - Exfoliating Pads. I also make sure to boost my skin with lots of hydration and to always use a serum. My favorite makeup hack is to mix some highlighter with your cream rouge.

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