How to recycle your beauty products. A picture of beige plastic bottles and an article on how to best recycle Löwengrip beauty products.

How to recycle your Löwengrip products!

We are continuously striving to be as environment friendly as we can be, from production to consumption. We are so glad that you want to learn more about how to recycle your beauty products, for a more sustainable consumption!

 Get rewarded when recycling your products:
When recycling together with Bower you are rewarded with points that can be used as a discount on your next order from Löwengrip!

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Plastic Bottles, Tubes & Jars:
1. Separate the lid from the product.
2. Rinse out the contents.
3. Both lid and bottle is recycled as plastic.
Pro tip! Squeeze the tube and pull to easy remove the lid. 

Aluminum Tubes:
(Instant glow - Day Mask & Instant Glow - Whipped Cream)
1. Separate the cap and seal from the tube.
2. Recycle cap as plastic.
3. Recycle the tube as sombustible waste.

Mousse & Spray Bottles:
1. Separate the cap and nozzle from the bottle and sort as plastic. 
2. Recycle the bottle as metal. 

1. Separate the cap from the tube. 
2. If possible, also separate the roll-on ball.
3. Rinse out the contents.
4. Recycle all materials as plastic.

Glass Bottles:
1. Separate the pipette from the bottle.
2. Cut off the rubber and sorted as combustible waste.
3. The dropper is sorted as plastic and the bottle as colored glass.

Outer cartonage:
Recycle as paper. 

Make sure that all products are emptied and if possible washed.

Get rewarded when recycling your products:
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