Are you in need of an intense repair of your hair?

THE CURE HAIR MASK is Nourishing and regenerating hair mask. Contains shea butter and bamboo extract to repair, regenerate and protect damaged and chemically treated hair. The result is soft, resilient hair so that any tangles are easy to smooth. Apply to the lengths of the hair after shampooing.


  • Shea butter - Nourishing and rehydrating properties
  • Sunflower oil - Rich in antioxidants and protects against UV rays
  • Argan oil - Emollient and adds lustre

"If you've got super thick hair, I recommend using Good To Go - Light Dry Shampoo as it doesn’t give you as much hold in the roots of your hair. It feels lighter! If you've got fine and thin hair and want extra volume, I recommend using Good to Go - Dry Shampoo!"

Bea Toivonen, Hair expert

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