Rehydrate, repair and strengthen your skin barrier with Löwengrip Clean & Calm – RichBarrier Cream! This deeply rehydrating facial cream is enriched with Ceramides, Shea Butter and Hyaluronc Acid to repair and strengthen your skin barrier. The product has a wonderful rich texture specially developed to protect skin against external stressessuch as cold temperatures, wind, dry air and rapid temperature changes.


  • Deeply rehydrating & repairing 
  • Barrier strengthening 
  • Ceramides & Shea Butter

"If you've got super thick hair, I recommend using Good To Go - Light Dry Shampoo as it doesn’t give you as much hold in the roots of your hair. It feels lighter! If you've got fine and thin hair and want extra volume, I recommend using Good to Go - Dry Shampoo!"

Bea Toivonen, Hair expert

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