“As an entrepreneur, I love innovative products and solutions that make everyday life easier. The hair mask is applied onto dry hair and does not need to be rinsed out. The result is well-groomed, shiny hair.”​

Isabella Löwengrip

What happens when you’re asleep?

Don’t let the bedbugs bite, they say. But as you close your eyes and drift off to the sandman those biting bugs, amongst many things, become out of your control.

We sleep to recharge, but there seems to be much more to being well rested. Why does everybody keep going on and on (and on and on) about how important sleeping is?

What is really going on when we're asleep? 

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Creative Director and co-founder Isabella Löwengrip:

“I need high quality beauty care products that are gentle but effective. When I use a product, I expect it to live up to its claims and deliver the results it promises. Sustainability is another of our key ethics, which is why all Löwengrip products are produced here in Sweden, using environmentally friendly manufacturing technologies”. 

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The way we do beauty is the way we do business — honest, effective and caring.

Löwengrip provides innovative solutions to everyday beauty problems through ground breaking formulas.


Together with Sweden’s top chemists, we have developed a premium quality range of unique and gentle formulas that deliver rapid results. We combine tech, data and an open source dialogue with our 1.5 million followers to ensure each product meets a real need. As our products are gentle on us, so are we gentle on the world and the environment. Every Löwengrip production process is based on minimum waste, maximum sustainability.


Löwengrip: leading the digital beauty revolution.

“Löwengrip products are multi-beneficial - that’s part of our innovation process. Multi-tasking products help busy modern women save time and maximize efficiency, to help them achieve a more balanced lifestyle”

Isabella Löwengrip

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