Löwengrip offer problem solving, ambitious beauty for immediate and long-lasting results. 
Our range embodies the unique combination of product efficacy and gentle formulas, inclusive for the sensitive skin and scalp. We pride ourselves on Swedish innovation and production, unique recipes and vegan formulas. For you who want your skin and scalp to feel catered for, we offer a tailored range based on desired result - be it instant glow, deep cleanse, soft sense or a volumizing effect. Infusing our products with carefully selected active and caring ingredients, we focus on the synergies of the entire formula, in addition to the actives. 

Out of our Scandinavian principles of elegant simplicity and effortless living, we ensure that our products are effective and enable you to continue maintaining an effortless routine. We allow our custome to whittle down their regimens to high quality products that really do the work tailored to your specific needs. Scandinavian simplicity at its best - creating elevated beauty favourites to embrace day after day.

Count on us being devoted from approach to delivery, connected throughout our process and smart in delivering your experience. We are committed to garnering customer trust in everything we do - the choices we make should be the result of the values we share, close conversations, mutual respect and shared reverence for beauty in all its forms. 

Our consumer-first devotion, combined with expert skin therapists and savoir-faire enables us to deliver problem solving beauty essentials with precision, quality and efficacy. We take product performance seriously with the ambition to fight, treat, comfort and nurture face, body and hair through a ritual that is equal parts effortless and self-indulgence. 

Problem solving products for an effoortless routine.