Löwengrip offer problem solving, ambitious beauty for immediate and long-lasting results. 
Our range embodies the unique combination of product efficacy and gentle formulas, for an elevated experience. Always enabling an effortless routine.

Everything we do is based on Swedish principles of quality, innovation and production. We guarentee a high quality production that is mindfull of people and planet. Our bespoke, vegan formulas are made with carefully chosen active and caring ingredients. The result is problem-solving products that are gentle without ever compromising on the efficacy, experience or scent. Each product solves a beauty problem and are pre-worn and tested by skin therapists and consumers before launching. All skincare products are dermatologically tested. Always expect our products to be as effective as they are easy to use and to deliver an indulging experience. 

Löwengrip is Scandinavian contemporary at its´ finest - we create beauty products that elevates your routine every day. We are devoted; everything we do embodies devotion built on trust, transparency and sustainability. We support female entrepreneurship, our oroblem-solving beauty is created in a sustainable way and we take social responsibility. We are connected; consumers are involved in our product development through an open dialouge and by a shared passion for beauty. We are smart; Löwengrip transform effective formulations into timeless and easy to use beauty for an effortless routine. 

Our consumer-first devotion, combined with expert skin therapists and extensive product knowledge enables us to deliver an ambitious beauty offering with precision, quality and efficacy. 

By combining our consumer centric ways with expertise from skin therapists and a broad product competence we can offer high quality ambitious beauty. Our result-oriented products provide instant and long-lasting results while nuturing face, body and hair through an effortless routine. 


Problem solving products for an effortless routine. We call it AMBITIOUS BEAUTY.