We're Löving!

"This fall, I love voluminous 60´s hair styles!"

| Olivia Sandström

Löwengrip's Hair Expert, Hair Stylist Tove Dalsryd, shares her favorite hair trends for fall as well as her thoughts on the new Level Up - Volumizing series.

Hi, Tove! You've tried Level Up Volumizing series a couple of months now. How would you desribe the effect?
My thin, flat and typical Scandinavian hair has gained more volume and feels fuller after using the new Level Up - Volumizing series.  

The Volumizing Lotion has a silky smooth texture that makes my hair feel soo good. I'm used to using more texturizing styling products, such as mousse, when blow-drying my hair to create voluminous looks. Texturizing products has a tendency to make my hair feel frizzy and messy after a while - so now I prefer to using Volumizing Lotion instead.

What makes Level Up - Volumizing unique? 
- The fact that it adds lots of volume while still being super nourishing and rehydrating. Volumizing Lotion is definitely a unique styling product as it feels like a softening leave-in product that reduces frizz while also adding maximum volume. This makes Level Up - Volumizing suitable for anyone who wants more volume but still need rehydrating, color-protecting, gentle and nourishing products. 

What are your favorite hair trends this fall? 
- This fall, I love voluminous hair styles inspired by the 60´s, especially combined with curtain bangs and blow-dried lengths.