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Heatless curls: let's try the TikTok trend

| Olivia Sandström

If you like rocking bouncy curls but need a break from damaging (and time-consuming!) styling with heating tools you will definitely love TikTok's hottest hair trend. All you need is a thin, long scarf or a piece of cloth. Of course, we're talking about heatless curls!
We invited Tove Dalsryd, hair stylist and makeup artist at the model agency MIKA's to Löwengrip's studio to guide you through the trend.

Hi, Tove! Describe how you style your heatless curls!

1. I start by putting the scarf, or in my case: a homemade piece of a cut-out towel, on my head around my face. I place the towel from ear to ear and fold the top strand of my hair over the towel, directing it away from my face.After each fold I add another hair strand, just like how you would braid your hair. I continue to work my way through my hair from root to top while constantly folding the towel away from my face.

2. When all of my hair is rolled up on the towel I attach it with a head band.

3.Then I spray water all over my hair. Done - sleep with the towel in your hair and carefully remove it the next morning. Enjoy your big and bouncy heatless curls!