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How Hair Stylist Tove Dalsryd uses Good To Go - Dry Shampoo to style her favorite looks

| Olivia Sandström

Tove Dalsryd work as hair stylist and make up artist at the Stockholm based Model Agency MIKAs Stockholm. Over the past years Tove has styled international stars, models and big influencers such as Zara Larsson, Miriam Bryant, Matilda Djerf, Margaux Dietz and many more. Löwengrip invited Tove to our studio to create a voluminous look and to discuss why you should include a dry shampoo in your hair styling routine.

How do you use Good To Go – Dry Shampoo as a styling product? 
- I use it to add more texture and body to the hair in order to get a stronger hold before styling it. It's especially great to use before styling on soft, Scandinavian hair types. I also like using it when I backcomb the hair to create even more volume.

How do you use it as a dry shampoo? 
- Whenever I want to add more volume and make the hair feel fresh again. I usually part the hair in different sections, apply it close to the scalp and backcomb it a little bit. This makes the hair feel clean, fresh and fluffy again!

What do you like most about our range of Good To Go - Dry Shampoo?
- The amazing texture that it adds and how it makes the hair feel so fresh! It feels light - it doesn't weigh the hair down. It also smells lovely which is a big plus to me.

How often du you use dry shampoo? 
- Basically each morning, after I've washed my hair and before styling it. 

What kind of looks can you create by using dry shampoo? 
- Beachy waves and any kind of look where you want lots of volume!

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