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Blonde Perfection: Hair Stylist Tove Dalsryd's amazing result

| Olivia Sandström

Löwengrip's Hair Expert Tove Dalsryd gave her hair an icy blonde tone with Blonde Perfection - Silver series. Check out her result! 

Hi, Tove! You've tried Blonde Perfection - Silver Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask. How would you describe the effect? 
- Hi! I'm very pleased with the effect that I've got after trying the series. The yellow tones in my hair disappeared immediately and my hair my hair felt soft and hydrated. I've previously tried several silver products that made my hair feel dry and frizzy, but that was not at all the case here. 

What do you like most about the series? 
- I liked that it was gentle and not too strong. I could easily regulate how cold I wanted my hair to get by letting it work for a shorter or longer time. And of course the fact that the products are nourishing, provides UV-protection and has an amazing scent of mango and peach! 

Who should use Blonde Perfection - Silver series? 
- Anyone who wants to refresh their blonde hair! I don't want my hair to get a too cold tone and this series was perfect for that. It did a great job removing the yellow tones, while some of my warmth was still preserved. 

What's your first impression of... 

Blonde Perfection - Silver Shampoo? 
- The Silver Shampoo felt so nourishing and effecting and gave my hair lots of volume. And so perfect that it provides UV-protection, that's a big plus. 

Blonde Perfection – Silver Conditioner? 
- The Silver Conditioner has a lovely scent and made my hair silky smooth in a way that only a really great conditioner can do.

Blonde Perfection – Silver Hair Mask? 
- The Silver Hair Mask was very hydrating without weighing my hair down, while effectively removing all yellow tones. I will definitely continue to use this to preserve a perfectly blonde hair color in a gentle way.