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Meet Löwengrip's Skin Expert Lina Poldahl

| Olivia Sandström

Meet Lina Poldahl - Löwengrip's new Skin Expert. Lina is an experienced Skin Therapist with a penchant for Hyaluronic Acid. We asked her all about her best skincare tips for all skin types...

Hi Lina, welcome to team Löwengrip. What's your favorite thing about being a Skin Therapist? 
- Hi, I'm very excited to join team Löwengrip! It's amazing to work with our bodies largest organ - the skin! I think it's really fun to be able to guide and help other with their concerns and thoughts about their skin health. I'm more than happy to share my expertise to all Löwengrip lovers!

What do you like most about Löwengrip's skincare products? 
- The well-thought-out formulas! Active ingredients suitable for sensitive skin -  which I and many others has. I also love the amazing scents that creates a whole new sensory dimension in addition to the lovely products.

Do you have a favorite product?
- My favorite series is Clean & Calm - lots of hydration and soothing ingredients that balances my skin so nicely. If I have to chose one single product it has to be Clean & Calm - Facial Cleanser. It's an effective and gentle gel based facial cleanser that suits my sensitive combination skin perfectly. All my friends who tried it buys it over and over again!

Please share your best skincare tips for... 

Oily skin?
- Don't dehydrate your skin by using to strong products. Instead, use gentle and hydrating skincare products that balances your skin. A good complement to your routine can be a mild and gentle exfoliating product such as Skin Reboot - Exfoliating Pads.

Dry skin? 
- Add a serum to your routine and make sure to boost your skin with a hydrating night mask a couple of nights a week. Clean & Calm - Sleeping Sensation Hydrating Mask is lovely!

Acne-prone skin? 
- Lots of hydration. Focus on a routine with super hydrating and mild products.

Combined skin?
- Here we need to balance by regulating the more oily parts of the skin, usually the T-zone, and add moisture and richer products on the other parts of the skin. A good advice would be to invest in two different facial mask: one that provides a deep cleanse for the T-zone and a hydrating and nourishing to the dry parts.

Thank you, Lina!