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Q&A: Anti-age with Löwengrip's Skin Therapist

| Olivia Sandström

Löwengrip´s Skin Therapist Lina Poldahl on anti-aging skincare. Does it really work? 

At what age should you start using anti-aging products? 
- It's very individual, but the elasticity and volume in our skin usually start to decrease around 30. When you notice that your skin starts to change, it's a good idea to start. Go for moisture, hydration, oils and antioxidants before 30!

Do anti-aging products really work?
Our skin's aging depends on our genes and lifestyle, but by using anti-aging skincare enriched with moisturizing, rehydrating and active ingredients we can help revitalize our skin!

Skin Reboot is packed with active ingredients for plumped, smooth and revitalized skin. Which is the most effective anti-aging ingredient in the series? 
- Syn-ake: Synthetic Snake Elixir, which has han instant muscle relaxing effect on the skin that helps smooth both horisontal and vertical fine lines and wrinkles.

In addition to skincare, what are your top 3 anti-aging tips?
- Avoid exposing your skin to the sun (use Löwengrip's Self-Tan Drops to achieve that sunkissed glow!), don't smoke, stress less and prioritize your sleep.

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