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Micellar Water: Q&A with Löwengrip's Skin Therapist & Trainer

| Olivia Sandström

Löwengrip's Skin Therapist & Trainer Lina Poldahl guides you on how to maximize your skincare benefits from using our new Clean & Calm - Micellar Water

Hi, Lina! Please introduce us to the new Clean & Calm - Micellar Water?

-The new Micellar Water is rehydrating and balancing combined cleanser and toner which effectively get gently removes all impurities and makeup. Even eye makeup! 

How do you best use the new Micellar Water as cleanser?
-  Use as the first step of your skincare routine. Apply Micellar Water to a cotton pad and pat swipe over your face. Repeat until all makeup has been removed. Removing eye makeup? Gently hold a cotton pad with Micellar Water to your eyelids and lashes a few seconds before removing your makeup using circular movements.

How'd you recommend using Micellar Water as toner?
- Use after your regular cleanser and before serum and day cream. Gently pat the product to your skin using your finger tips or use a cotton pad to swipe all over your face.

What makes the product suitable as toner?
- The new Clean & Calm - Micellar Water is enriched with balancing and rehydrating ingredients such as Niacinamide, Hyaluronc Acid, Glycerine and Allantoin. The soothing formula makes a pore-minimizing, balancing, hydrating and lustre-boosting toner.

Can Micellar Water be used as only cleanser? 
- Yes, it's perfect to use as only cleanser - especially those days when your lack of time or energy calls for an effortless skincare routine. It removes all makeup and impurities. Personally, I also like to use it in the morning to remove product residues after sleeping with a night mask.

The new Micellar Water can be used to remove makeup - even if you have lash extensions or lash lift. How is this possible?
- It's based on an oil-free formula that doesn't dissolve the glue. Clean & Calm - Micellar Water is lash extensions-friendly and keeps your lashes on point!


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