Have you ever experienced itchy or irritated scalp? Product build-up on your scalp can increase your chances of developing dandruff or more serious scalp conditions that can lead to hair loss. Find out more about how to keep your hair healthy and clean.                                                           

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Haircare 101: How to achieve volume!

Behind every perfectly volumized, natural-looking, bouncy set of waves, there is a woman who spent time, skill and dedication achieving it. Or at least, so it appears. Unfortunately, not all of us possess the skills, tools or genetical blessings to obtain that God-given volume. Meanwhile, no one should need to have their limp, sad looking hair. 


Tips From, Katarina - A Skin Care Teacher

Hear from our professional skin care teacher, Katarina about some of her top tips when working from home and taking care of your skin. The dry air inside can affect our skin, so it needs so extra 'TLC (tender loving care). 

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What happens when you’re asleep?

Don’t let the bedbugs bite, they say. But as you close your eyes and drift off to the sandman those biting bugs, amongst many things, become out of your control.

We sleep to recharge, but there seems to be much more to being well rested. Why does everybody keep going on and on (and on and on) about how important sleeping is?

What is really going on when we're asleep? 

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