Looking for more volume in your hair? Here are our 5 easy tips!

Behind every woman’s effortlessly voluminous, bouncy set of waves there has been time, money and many hours of practice behind the scenes. Unfortunately, not all of us possess the skills, tools or genetical blessings to obtain that God-given volume. Meanwhile, no one should need to have their limp, sad looking hair, and we’re here to save the day!

Volume, Volume, Volume!

Let us set a volume-wave in motion. Since we firmly believe volumizing should be accessible to everyone - we have put together a beginners class on how to give your hair that full bodied look without hair extension, hair tools or genetical advantages.


Styling & Texture – Volumizing Lotion
  1. It starts in the shower 

Regardless of genetical pre-requisites, tools or level of skill, everyone showers. Add a shampoo and conditioner with volumizing features to your shower routine. Our Build & Bounce Thickening Shampoo and Build & Bounce Thickening Conditioner have repairing and volumizing properties, while preparing your hair for styling. Perk: you probably have used shampoo and conditioner for…well forever, so we don’t need to guide you how to use them accordingly.   

      2. The M word 

Not many people "get" hair mousse. A common misperception is that it is complicated or even outdated. When misusing it, your hair might become sticky, crispy and greasy-looking. Anyhow, we believe hair mousse is a timeless styling ace, and using it properly is in no way difficult! Apply a moderate amount to damp lengths before a blow-dry. That is all. Our Style to Define – Cream Mousse is enriched with repairing and body-building vegetable protein and has the creamiest texture. Just look at it!

  1. Volumizing Lotion 

If you’re not too keen on mousses, Styling & Texture – Volumizing Lotion will perform equally well volume-wise. It shortens the time of your blow-dry while adding volume. Apply to towel-dried hair and massage into hair lengths before a blow-dry (or apply to dry hair and let it perform tool-free magic).

Style To Define - Cream Mousse
  1. Blow-Dry 

Some prefer air-drying and that is fine. But…the magic of a blow-dry can be out of this world. To boost its effect; blow-dry with your head upside down, or use a round brush, pulling hair upward from the root. Full-bodied hair ahoy! 

  1. Spray away! 

Our All Time High – Dry Volume Spray will be your best bud through thick and thin, post blow-dry and throughout the day. It is a promise-keeping blow-dry in a can! Hold the spray 20–30 cm from your hair and spray onto the roots. Brush through, or massage with your hands to style.

All Time High – Dry Volume Spray

To Build & Bounce – Löwengrip (lowengrip.com)