Hair Care 101: How to Volumize

Behind every perfectly volumized, natural-looking, bouncy set of hair, there is a woman who spent time, skill and dedication achieving it. Or at least, so it appears. Few things signal effort (time-wise, skill-wise, budget-wise) than looking like you just left the hairdresser. Unfortunately, not all of us possess the skills, tools or genetical blessings to obtain that God-given volume. Meanwhile, no one should need to have their hair hanging around their face, unless they want to.

Volume, voluyou, voluall of us

Let us set a volume-for-all wave in motion. Since we firmly believe volumizing should be accessible to each and every one of you, we have put together a beginners class on how to give your hair a full body without skill or genetical advantages.


Styling & Texture – Volumizing Lotion

  1. It starts in the shower 

Regardless of genetical pre-requisites, tools or level of skill, everyone showers. Add a shampoo and conditioner with volumizing features to your shower routine. Our Styling & Texture – Protein Shampoo and Protein Conditioner have repairing and volumizing properties, while preparing your hair for styling. Perk: you probably have used shampoo and conditioner for very long, so we don’t need to guide you how to use them accordingly.   

  1. The M word 

Not many people ”get” hair mousse. A common misperception is that it is complicated, even outdated. When misusing it, your hair might get all sticky, crispy and greasy-looking. Anyhow, we believe hair mousse is a timeless styling ace, and using it properly is in no way that difficult! Apply a moderate amount to damp lengths before a blow-dry. That is all. Our Style to Define – Cream Mousse is enriched with repairing and body-building vegetable protein and has the creamiest texture. Just look at it!

3. Volumizing Lotion 

If you’re not too keen on mousses, Styling & Texture – Volumizing Lotion will perform equally well volume-wise. It shortens the time of your blow-dry while adding volume. Apply to towel-dried hair and massage into hair lengths before a blow-dry (or apply to dry hair and let it perform tool-free magic).

Style To Define - Cream Mousse

4. Blow-Dry 

Some prefer air-drying and that is fine. But. The magic of a blow-dry can be out of this world. To boost its effect; blow-dry with your head upside down, or use a round brush, pulling hair upward from the root. Full-bodied hair ahoy! 

5. Spray away! 

Our All Time High – Dry Volume Spray will be your best bud through thick and thin, post blow-dry and throughout the day. It is a promise-keeping blow-dry in a can! Hold the spray 20–30 cm from your hair and spray onto the roots. Brush through, or massage with your hands to style.

All Time High – Dry Volume Spray