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Self-tan for spring glow

| Olivia Sandström

Self-tan for spring glow: A quick guide to sun-kissed skin. 

Get your sun-kissed spring glow on! Luminous Bronze – Self-Tan Drops and Self-Tan Body Mist gives you an even, golden and glowing tan.  

Luminous Bronze – Self-Tan Drops 370 SEK/30 ML 
Skin care and self-tan in one! Apply 1–5 drops of our best-selling Self-Tan Drops to your regular night cream to wake up with a golden tan with maximum radiance. Our rehydrating Self-Tan Drops are enriched with moisturizing and soothing Hyaluronic Acid, Allantoin and Glycerine. The perfect choice for all skin care lovers!  

Luminous Bronze – Self-Tan Body Mist 330 SEK/200 ML 
Our rehydrating and nourishing Self-Tan Body Mist gives your skin a sun-kissed and natural-looking tan. Apply to exfoliated and hydrated skin. This fast-absorbing mist makes it easy to build up a gradual tan.  
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