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New: Instant Glow - Triple Peel Mask

| Olivia Sandström

NEW: Instant Glow - Triple Peel Mask

Get your glow on with the brand new Instant Glow - Triple Peel Mask (275 SEK/60 ml). This triple-acting facial mask exfoliates your skin on no less than three leveles with AHA-Acid, Pineapple Enzymes and by mechanical peel with fine granules of cellulose. This is the ultimate glow-boosting face mask for clogged and dull skin in need of more lustre and radiance. Instantly!
- AHA, Enzymes, Mechanical Peel
- Stimulates cell renewal
- Skin perfecting and glow- boosting
The result? Fresh and clear skin with maximum glow. Suitable for all skin types.