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Löwengrip’s new sustainability initiative: get rewarded to recycle your products

| Olivia Sandström


Löwengrip initiates a new partnership with the Swedish recycling app Bower (former Panta På) in order to reward consumers who recycles their emptied packagings. The initiative improves Löwengrip's chances to maintain an environmentally conscious process from start to end. 

New partnership rewards recycling Löwengrip consumers 
As of September 2021, Löwengrip initiates a new partnership with Bower in order to urge conscious consumers to recycle their emptied packagings. Recycling consumers are rewarded with points that can be used as discount on their next purchase from Lowengrip.com. Earned points may also be donated to monetary charities. In addition to this, Löwengrip are launching a new landing page to provide information on how to correctly recycle packagings. 

"We are continuously striving to get more sustainable from production to consumption. Löwengrip are connected with our consumers in all steps, from new product development to use of products. Our new partnership with Bower is a natural way of giving our consumers a stronger incentive to maintain a sustainable cycle."
- Fanny Sandström, Brand Director Löwengrip Beauty 

Ever since the launch in 2012, Löwengrips has worked solely with Swedish production and are constantly striving to increase sustainability in all steps. The new partnership with Bower is part of Löwengrip's continous work to secure a responsible and conscious process all the way from production to waste disposal. The rewarding discount gives consumer an increased incentive to recycle their emptied packagings. Numbers from Bower shows that as much as about 80% of all plastic packagings with a recycling worth are recycled. 

How it works: recycle to earn points 
By using Bower's app consumers can easily recycle their emptied Löwengrip packagings by scanning a bar-code by their usual recycling station. After recycling their packagings, the consumer is rewarded with points directly in the app. These points can then be used as discound on the consumers' next Löwengrip purchase. Consumers may also choose to use their points for monetary charities.

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