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Ice blonde hair in 3 quick steps

| Olivia Sandström

Dreaming of icy blond hair without any unwanted yellow tones? We got you! With Blonde Perfection - Silver series, you're only 3 quick steps away from a colder hue.

Step 1. Blonde Perfection  Silver Shampoo

Wash your hair with this color-preserving and nourishing silver shampoo with violet pigments. The product effectively neutralizes yellow and golden tones to achieve a cool-toned hue. This rehydrating, nourishing and softening shampoo is gentle to both the hair and scalp and leaves your hair with a glossy finish.

Said about the product:

"I seriously got the question if I had dyed my hair like 5-7 times. This WORKS."

Step 2. Blonde Perfection – Silver Hair Mask

Spoil your hair once a week with this nourishing and color-preserving silver hair mask enriched with violet pigments. Leave in for 3-10 minutes to get your perfect cool-toned hue. 

Enriched with softening argan oil as well as rehydrating and volumizing vitamin B5.

Said about the product:

"The best product for my blonde hair. Removes all yellow tones without drying my hair."

Step 3. Blonde Perfection – Silver Conditioner

Complete your routine with this deeply nourishing and rehydrating silver conditioner with violet pigments. The intensive pigments quickly produces an icy blonde result.

Said about the product:

"What a difference! I left it in for 10 minutes an my hair immediately felt like knew! Must have!!"


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