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Sweden Made with Bröd och Salt

| Katie Moore

A calm moment is great for your body and skin 
Annelie Vest manages the fika company Bröd & Salt. Fika is one of the words typically associated with Sweden, and something that creates a moment of enjoyment in our everyday life.

What is a typical Swedish fika? 
Typical Swedish at Bröd & Salt is of course the cinnamon bun. Then we also have our cookie packages with cookies that we named "Swedish fika" Most people who have coffee with us just have a coffee and bun. The most popular buns with us are cinnamon and cardamom. Its great to see people “fika” together and enjoying their time.  

The best fika 
Wow it's so different. Personally, I am very fond of saffron buns and could eat it all year round. The most important thing is to have a nice time enjoying your fika  

What in your assortment boosts the skin and why? 
Many like our green juices boosted with antioxidants like spinach and fruits rich of vitamin C. Its beauty from the inside. Then I believe that a relaxing moment of fika is healthy for the mind and body too”.  

Did you know? Enjoyment is the best antidote to stressLess stress and more balance are great for your skinSo, enjoy a pause, try a Swedish fika