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Before and after using the new Build & Bounce Thickening Series

| Olivia Sandström


Longing for thicker hair with more volume and texture? We got you! The new Build & Bounce - Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner haircare series is enriched with active ingredients for an  instant thickening effect on thin, fine or lifeless hair.Discover the thickening effect that adds more volume and texture from the first wash. Check out the result of using the new thickening haircare series.

"Build & Bounce - Thickening Shampoo has an active formula that thickens the hair and adds texture and body to thin and fine hair strands. The series suits both women and men who desire thicker and stronger hair with more volume."
- Fanny Sandström, Brand Director Löwengrip 


Proteins rebuilds and strengthens the hair  
Biotionyl Tripeptid-1 improves the hair quality  
Panthenol hydrates and creates a thickening effect 
AHA-acids gently exfoliates the scalp to remove dead skin cells


"Build & Bounce - Thickening Conditioner creates a swelling effect which makes the hair look fuller. It also hydrates and rebuilds damaged and chemically treated hair."
- Fanny Sandström, Brand Director Löwengrip

The Build & Bounce - Thickening series has been specially developed to thicken thin, fine and lifeless hair, while also adding volume and texture and rebuilding the hair structure. If you don't have thin or fine hair, you may prefer another Löwengrip haircare series: 

The Cure: repairs, hydrates and adds shine.  
Long Lastingcolor-preserving, nourishing and makes the freshly washed feel last longer. 
Blonde Perfection: neutralizes warm hues, hydrates and adds shine. 
Anti-Dandruff: prevents dandruff, soothes and balances sensitive scalps.
Deep Cleansing: deep cleanses and balances.