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Anti Age from the Inside

| Katie Moore

Meet Dr Hildur - a doctor and gynecologist who is passionate about women getting to know all parts of their body. 
"You can keep your vessels, your body, skin and joints healthy by balancing hormones and supplements. We can learn to create our own “inner pharmacy” where healing oxytocin and serotonin are allowed to flow instead of stress hormones” 
We all know that great skin care and sun protein are some vital steps for great skin. But what can we do from the inside to slow down the aging process of the skin? Lowengrip talked to Dr Hildur Hadenius, specializing in the functioning of the female body, for example hormone balance for optimal health.   
Hildur, you are a female doctor: obstetrician and gynecologist. What do you have to say about anti age?  
"Yes, I well I work with coaching anti-aging from the inside! You can keep your vessels, your body, skin and joints healthy by balancing hormones and supplements. You can also use your sexual energy for youth and health, if you enjoy that! Having sex in ways that allow pleasure to spread into the body balances the glands from the adrenal glands to the pituitary and pineal glands."
And the biggest cause for aging?  
"The biggest cause for illness and aging is all the stress which the present society contributes. But we can choose how much it affects us. Since it is out thoughts and feelings that control which hormones and neurotransmitters circulate in our bodies we can learn to create our own “inner pharmacy” where healing oxytocin and serotonin are allowed to flow instead of stress hormones. Joy and happiness do wonders for life and health. I also usually recommend people to stop talking about or think about their chronological age and invest in how they want to live instead!"
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