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A happy face means my skin is well

| Katie Moore

In 2020 Löwengrip launched a very luxurious and effective anti-age series: Skin Reboot. The products are especially suited for sensitive skinfor you wanting swift results on lines and wrinkles but without causing skin irritation. The Skin Reboot range was developed by leading chemists in Sweden, together with Isabella Löwengrip, co-founder. Her is the story behind the Skin Reboot creation.   


The process of developing the Skin Reboot series started two years ago and was a big project, tell us about the development?  

We live in a time where you are incredibly skin conscious, and many use fillers. However, our consumer wants to find more gentle, "natural" alternative without having to make an injection. That’s why me and the team started to create this line. We chose to work with a substance that is a synthetic snake venom that works on the muscle of the skin, to make it smooth and even. Fine lines and wrinkles will be diminished. There is a very unique selection of active ingredients overall. We went through a long process to test and evaluate. Its tricky to find active ingredients that give great results but at the same time are gentle on the skin. My skin is super sensitive”, says Isabella.  

Late spring the Skin Reboot series launched with a cleansing oil, serum, 24-hour cream and a firming mask. In early October two new additions arrived: Exfoliating pads and Eye cream. Tell us about them?  

"I would pay special attention to Exfoliating Pads because they are very gentle on sensitive skin and at the same time give a quick result that I have never experienced before. My goal was to really get noticeable results from these products even when your skin reacts easily. That’s why the developing process to a long time " 

The eye cream, tell us about that. 

The eye area is usually extra sensitive. The new Skin Reboot eye crème is fantasticIt gives a natural glow and "alertness" to the eye area as well as moisture and prevents dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Works perfectly under make-up and works on both horizontal and vertical lines."  

How do you make yourself comfortable in your skin? 

Laugh! When I play and spend time with my children, I smile a lot because I am in the now. I notice how good it makes me feel. When you have a happy face, it makes your skin feel good too.