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Which active ingredients are best?

| Katie Moore

Just like fashion trends, we see trends in skin care ingredients come and go. Therese Mathisen, senior skin therapist and owner of anti-age focused Spa facility Spa by Us guides us on skin care ingredients and which ones to choose for anti-aging benefits.  

 You have to build up the skin with hydration before using acids or retinol” 

What are the trends when it comes to ingredients in anti-age skin care ?  
There are now several different retinol options when one wants the effects of retinol without reactions, bakuchiol is one example. Many brands today focus more on moisture ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. The products are more gentle and hydration-focused since the industry has long focused on strong retinols and strong  acids for home use. In the long term, you must strengthen and build up the skin with hydration between acid and/or retinol use. 

What active ingredients do you consider the best for anti-aging benefits? 
Anti-age is very broad as it can mean anything from increasing moisture supply to increasing cell division depending on skin type. Not everyone needs cell division (that retinol does) but can get better and younger looking skin from working on skin tone improvement (if you have sunspots and pigmentations that make us look older)If your skin ages by getting more sensitive and reactive with visible vessels, then the skin will only be irritated with active productsThen you need other ingredients to soothe and strengthen the vesselsThe best thing is to go to an authorized skin therapist and get recommendations what suits one's skin best! 

When it comes to anti-aging treatments, what do you recommend? 
IPL gives very good and direct results as it works with both pigmentation, redness & fine lines.  The Circadia's  Swich treatment strengthens the skin by triggering the skin's own cell composition and cell respiration as it triggers energy activity in the cells. It suits you when you have been ill or done very active treatments. This treatment strengthens the skin from the inside. Elasticity, firmness, smoother skin tone and luster are the results of this treatment. Another very popular and effective anti-age treatment is Plasma. If you have baggy eyelids, a little bag under your chin or deeper lines around the mouth and nose, this gives incredibly nice results after a whileIt also works well on the décolleté and stomach after pregnancy