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My favourite ingredients - Isabella Löwengrip

| Katie Moore

As an innovative brand from Sweden, Löwengrip prides itself with its bespoke recipes with vegan handpicked active ingredients.  We asked co-founder Isabella Löwengrip to comment on some of the active ingredients and their benefits. 

You have developed the whole Löwengrip product rangeit is a big range. Which active ingredients was one of the first?  
“Well the second-generation shea butter was our first innovation, so I want to highlight that ingredient. The shea butter has a rehydrating effect and leaves the skin feeling soft and silky instantly. You can find it in our hand balms and body lotions for example." 

Any personal ingredients you love?  
"With my sensitive skin, I was looking for active ingredients to soothe and balance. Allantoin is that ingredient and you can find it in our Daily Facial Care. Allantoin is used medicinally for healing wounds. It has an astringent, soothing and moisturizing property. Combine it with Hyaluronic acid and you build up moisture in the skin well."

The most recent innovation? 
"I’m very proud of the synthetic snake elixir. Its so powerful! You can find it in our Skin Reboot rangeIt's an ingredient that easily penetrates the skin and it absolutely does NOT contain any snake! It weakens the nerve signals to the muscle cells, which causes the muscles to relax and it is easily penetrated into the skin. Skin Reboot has a great cocktail of active ingredients to smooth and diminish lines and wrinkles on a sensitive skin. I can also highlight the hydrolysed yeast extract; it plumps the skin by boosting the skin's own production of hyaluronic acid."