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How to optimize your peeling routine: a skin therapist best tips

| Olivia Sandström

Löwengrip's Skin Expert Emelie Focklin shares how to get the most out of your peeling routine. 

- Feel free to exfoliate often, but make sure to use a gentle product like Healthy Glow – Body Scrub. 
- Exfoliate at least two times a week: combine dry brushing your skin before showering with a moisturizing and mild peeling. 
- Always make sure to hydrate after exfoliating! Healthy Glow – Body Balm provides a deep hydration.  
“There are many benefits to exfoliating your skin: it removes dead skin cells which renews glow. A deeper exfoliation also improves blood circulation, which is good for the lymphatic system."
- Emelie Focklin, Skin Therapist and Head Trainer, Löwengrip

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