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How to make your skin GLOW this summer

| Olivia Sandström

Want your skin to glow this summer?

The new Instant Glow - Triple Peel Mask (275 SEK/60 ml) is a triple-acting facial mask that exfoliates your skin on three levels with AHA-acids, pineapple enzymes and mechanical peel with fine granules of cellulose.

- AHA, enzymes, mechanical peel 
- Stimulates cell renewal  
- Skin perfecting and glow-boosting

The mask has a gold shimmering formula that makes each application to an Insta-worthy skin care experience. 

Here's how it looks on you!

Hafsa Ahmed

Kimberly Suasarn 


The result? Clear and fresh skin with maximum glow! 

Malin Jakobsson

Melody Lashgari

Instant Glow - Triple Peel Mask revitalizes clogged and dull skin and is suitable for all skin types.

Psst! Always use SPF after using AHA-acids.

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Matilda Wahlroos

Vanessa Quinones Lester

Nicole Dacic

Vanessa Butler

Malin Jakobsson

Esther Aguirre

Shajwan Karimi

Julia Lagerström

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