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How to get glowing skin! We'll share everything we know

| Katie Moore


We hear from Skin therapist and Head trainer for Löwengrip, Emelie Karlsson. 

 “The skin loves vitamin C and niacinamide, it is star ingredients for glow”

In general, what makes the skin glow, luster and not?
Natural glow comes from a healthy skin. Luster is characterized by a smooth skin structure, deep moisturizing and good cell renewal. All this can be achieved with your skin care routine! The skin also “listens to your inside”, so drink plenty of water and eat healthy to give your skin the best conditions for glow!

Which ingredient in the instant glow series is the most active for glow?
Instant Glow’s star ingredients are our beloved vitamin C and niacinamide that makes the skin glow. 

What should your skin care routine look like to maximize glowing skin?
To give the skin glow, it is important to ALWAYS cleanse the skin both morning and night, no exceptions. Include at least one (preferably several) products in your routine focusing on glow. Exfoliate once a week to promote the elimination of old skin cells and renewal of new. A bonus is  to massage the products in order to increase circulation, which gives a really nice skin!

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