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Get to know your skin type!

| Katie Moore


How well do you really know your skin?

Understanding your skin and knowing your skin type is the most basic thing you can do for your skin! If you know your skin type, how it works and what it needs, you can treat it with all the products that make your skin happy!

Your skin type is basically the same throughout life, however the skin condition is what varies. The four most common skin types are

  • normal
  • dry
  • oily
  • combination

How do you know which one you are? Emelie, our Skin Therapist is going to go through them & recommend products to make it easy peasy! 

Normal skin:
Many people feel that they have normal skin, however strangely enough, normal skin is the most unusual skin type.  I have only encountered a few clients with normal skin during my 10 years as a skin therapist. Normal skin type means you have no over-or under-production of sebum anywhere in the skin. It also means that the skin does not become shiny or tight and dehydrated.
Treatment goals: Maintain - you have skin goals!
Product recommendations:
Cleanser: Clean & Calm Facial Cleanser (hydrating gel cleanser won't mess up you're balanced skin!) 
Serum: Instant Glow Serum 
Moisturiser: Instant Glow Whipped Cream

Dry skin:
Dry skin means that you never experience that pesky shiny or oily skin. (winning!) However, the skin can often feel tight and dehydrated. Those with Dry Skin will be more inclined to get fine lines and wrinkles, due to its low lipid (fat) and moisture level. This means that we really need to jump on top of this as early as possible & give the skin all the hydration and love it needs! The good news is that Dry Skin tends to have small pores & with the right products you can have really beautiful glowing skin. 
Treatment goal: Moisturise and activate
Product recommendation: 
Cleanser: Skin Reboot - Cleansing Oil 
Serum: Skin Reboot - Serum (attack those fine lines and wrinkles!)

Moisturiser: Skin Reboot - Facial Mask (ultimate overnight hydration!) 

Oily skin:
Having oily skin means that you have an overproduction of sebum in the skin and that means that the whole face becomes shiny. Unlike combination skin that means one is oily in the t-zone only, those with oily skin also find that their cheeks also become shiny. Those with oily skin may have enlarged / large pores all over the face.
Treatment goal: decrease sebum production.
Product recommendations:
Cleanser: Skin Reboot - Cleansing Oil  (Oil fights oil, never forget it!) 
Serum: The Serum - the original & best for oily skin 
Moisturiser: The Cream - Our go-to product! You can't go wrong!

Combination skin:
Most people have some form of combination skin; this is the most common skin type. Mixed skin means that you have a t-zone (forehead, nose, chin) that tends to become shiny and oily. Often the pores in the t-zone are larger due to high sebum production. The cheeks may be dry or normal. This skin type can also be divided into slightly mixed or very mixed.
Treatment goals: Balance
Product recommendations
Cleanser: Cleansing Foam - get the skin really clean! 
Serum: Skin Reboot - Serum (attack those fine lines and wrinkles!)
Moisturiser: Skin Reboot - 24 hour cream (once you smell this you'll be addicted!) 

Dermatologist's tips!
Moisture, moisture, moisture. Do you still find it difficult to know what to focus on in your routine? Moisture is always the way to go, add a moisturiser after your cleansing or a moisturising serum under your cream. Some favourite ingredients in the moisture category are of course hyaluronic acid (not an exfoliating acid), preferably low molecular weight so it penetrates deeper into the skin, glycerin, squalane and panthenol.

Skin condition
The skin condition varies over time and can change several times over the course of a year. Taking care of your skin condition when choosing products is just as important as understanding your skin type. Your skin condition is the skin's way of showing you what it needs right now. Two skin conditions that you  will probably recognise are;

  • Dryness (flakey, feels under hydrated)
  • Sensitivity (red skin, changes colour easily)

Dryness is common when the skin is exposed to external stresses. This can be in the form of a dehydrating cleanser, ineffective moisturisers or dry indoor or outdoor environments. The skin tells you that you need to increase the moisture levels in the skin and improve the skin's barrier protection. There will always be external factors that affect the skin, and Ceramides are a fantastic ingredient that strengthens the skin's protective barrier.

Sensitive skin tends to be reactive and become flaky. Factors such as sun, temperature changes, strong food or powerful skin care products can make the skin rosy. Everyone's skin is unique and has different degrees of sensitivity, people with dry and thin skin often have more sensitive skin than combination/oily skin. In general, the skin becomes more sensitive during the winter months and more durable in the winter. Sensitive skin must always be a priority in the skin care routine, first the skin must be soothed and get in balance.

Product tip: Sleeping Sensation – Hydrating Mask

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