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Dry skin vs surface dehydration - do you know the difference?

| Olivia Sandström

Have you ever experienced your skin feeling dry and tight – no matter how much you moisturize? Get to know your actual skin type and treat dryness with the right products. Löwengrip’s Skin Therapist and Head Trainer Emelie Focklin explains the difference between dry skin and surface dehydration - so that you can maximize the results of your routine! 

Why does the skin stay dry even if you hydrate it regularly?  
The skin contains many different substances with their own properties. It’s important to nourish the skin with different ingredients for it to be able to create a synergistic effect of these properties. Make sure to combine hydrating ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid with Glycerin and Provitamin with moisture-preserving ingredients as Lipids. 

Emelie Focklin, Skin Therapist and Head Trainer Löwengrip

What’s the difference between dry skin and surface dehydration? 
Dry skin is a skin type, meaning it’s genetically determined and something you’re born with and you will have it for your whole life. Surface dehydration, on the other hand, is a skin condition that varies over time. All skin types can suffer from surface dehydration from time to time. It is normally caused by dry indoor or outdoor environments if you don’t protect and hydrate your skin in a correct way. Surface dehydration can also be caused by dehydrating cleansers and excessive exfoliation.  

What specific products suits surface dehydrated skin?  
facial mist or facial water that can be applied several times a day and a hydrating mask 1–2 times a weekI’d recommend Clean & Calm – Facial Mist and Sleeping Sensation Hydrating Mask. These products gives quick and amazing results for surface dehydrated skin. 

Clean & Calm - Sleeping Sensation Hydrating Mask

How should you treat dry skin vs surface dehydrated skin?
- A dry skin type is recognized by the skin feeling tight. It never gets oily and most often has smaller pores. If you have dry skin, you could benefit from adding Lipids in your routine, as dry skin doesn't have this naturally. If you have surface dehydrated skin you won't need Lipids - instead, you should add more moisture.