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To cleanse – or to double cleanse?

| Olivia Sandström

To cleanse – or to double cleanse? And which Löwengrip cleanser is your best fit? Learn how to double cleanse and enjoy the skincare benefits!

The first time you use a facial cleanser it removes makeup, sunscreen, excessive sebum, oils and other impurities that's been collected on your skin during the day. Your skin will look clean - but that's not always the case. When follow up with a second cleanser, your skin is deeply cleansed and becomes prepared for your following skincare products. 

Tip! Start with an oil-based cleanser and follow up with a water-based one. The oil effectively dissolves makeup and grease, while the water-based cleanser leaves the skin looking fresh and clear. 

Psst: If you don't want to invest in two different cleansers, it also works perfectly fine to use the same cleanser twice! 

Which Löwengrip cleanser is your best fit? 

Clean & Calm - Facial Cleanser (249 SEK/150 ml)
A gentle yet effective cleanser with a gel-like consistency with a light foaming effect. Perfect for sensitive and dry skin. Leaves the skin feeling rehydrated, soft and smooth. 

Key-ingredients: Glycerine & Allantoin.

Skin Reboot - Cleansing Oil (375 SEK/75 ml)
An oil-based facial cleanser that upon contact with water turns into a milky emulsion. Gently exfoliate, improves the skin's moisture level, elasticity, strenghten's the skin's barrier while and increasing the skin's collagen production. Removes makeup and impurities and leaves the skin feeling soft.

Key-ingredients: Sunflower Oil & Triglyceride, Pineapple Enzyme and Vitamin E.

Instant Glow - Cleansing Foam (275 SEK/150 ml)
A richly lathering and deeply cleansing foam that effectively removes dirt, impurities and makeup. Stimulates collagen synthesis for a smoother complexion with increased elasticity. Improves the micro-circulation of the skin, leaving a lustrous finish glowing with health.

Key-ingredients: Niacinamide & Exo-P

Advanced Skincare - Cell Renewal Facial Cleanser (390 SEK/75 ml)
Effective facial cleanser that reduces lines and deep wrinkles, tightens up, evens out and boosts the skin, giving it new luster. Lightly foaming, gel-like formula that is effective in removing makeup and impurities.

Key-ingredients: BHA (salicylic acid) & Allantoin