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The essentials for great skin from head to toe!

| Katie Moore


Most people have probably realised the importance of taking care of the skin on their face, but what about skin care on the body? Here are four tips on how to best prepare your skin for the summer holidays and get a summer fresh skin on your body. We'll hear from Kat

  1. Cleansing

Just like for the face, cleansing your body is the first step in your skin care routine. Choose a cleansing solution that dissolves dirt, grease and meets your specific needs (eg moisturizes, exfoliates or soothes). Maybe you want one with a luxurious scent or a completely scent free. Use daily.

  1. Exfoliation / exfoliating

The body is given new life when old used skin cells are "swept" away.

Body scrubs are available for different skin types so find your own favorite. Use it in conjunction with a dry brush or exfoliating glove for extra effect. Exfoliation softens, circulation increases and the skin becomes silky. Should be used once or twice weekly. Don't forget your hands and feet too!

  1. Hydrate

Choose a body lotion / balm or body cream that suits your particular skin type. The drier the skin, the richer the product. The skin is replenished with moisture, nourishment and lipids. Moisture makes the skin glow. Use daily on the whole body, do not forget hands and feet!

  1. Self tanning

Do you want a sun kissed body without damaging the skin? Self-tanning is the best shortcut to sun-kissed skin without wrinkles. Choose a hydrating product that is suitable for your skin type. The most important thing for a smooth looking “fake tan” is the preparation, ie cleaning and exfoliation before application.

Remember that self-tanning products does not protect against the sun's UV light so don't forget your SPF (sun protection factor)!

About Katharina: Skin therapist with more than 20 years’ experience in skin care. She has been working international with both global brands and education.

Elisabethskolan was founded 1931 in Stockholm and is an internationally approved skin therapist school which follows the international CIDESCO-approved curriculum.