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A Skin Therapist explains the hype around prebiotics & probiotics

| Olivia Sandström

The hype around prebiotics and probiotics (two of the key-ingredients in Healthy Glow!) in skincare is constantly growing. Löwengrip's Skin Expert Emelie explains all you need to know about the trend that's here to stay.

What are prebiotics and probiotics? 
- Easily explained: prebiotics feeds the good bacterias, while probiotics is the good bacterias - and post biotics is the substance produced by probiotics. 

Prebiotics and probiotics balance the skin’s flora and benefits the skin’s healthThis results in healthy and smoother skin, with more glow.” 
- Emelie FocklinSkin Therapist and Head TrainerLöwengrip 

What are the benefits of including prebiotics and probiotics in your skincare routine?
- Prebiotics and probiotics balance the skin's flora and benefit the skin's health. This results in healthy and smoother skin, with more glow.

Healthy Glow - Body Scrub and Body Balm are based on a MICRO PROSkin complex with prebiotics and probiotics. How does it work?
- MICRO PROSkin is a complex combining pre- and probiotics and the antioxidant beta carotene. The complex improves the skin's microbiome by feeding the bacteria in the skin. This strengthens the skin barrier and improves the skin's overall health. It also adds a luminous glow!


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