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Hair Expert Bea: how to maintain a cool blonde hue

| Olivia Sandström

Hair Expert Bea Toivonen on how to maintain a cool blonde hue.

Hi Bea! Do you have any hair hacks for blondes?

- The new and improved Blonde Perfection Silver series makes your hair look and feel amazing. The Silver Shampoo makes your blonde hair color cool, bright and beautiful, while the Silver Conditioner, Silver Hair Mask and Silver Leave-in Treatment makes your hair silky smooth. 

If you got blonde or gray hair, or another color that tends to get warm, brassy or yellow, you should definitely try the series. The products gives your hair a pure, silver toned color.

My overall best hair hack for blondes is to press out the excess water before applying these products and let them sit for a while for an even better silver effect.

How do you recommend using the new Blonde Perfection Silver Leave-in Treatment?
- Apply Blonde Perfection - Silver Leave-in Treatment to towel dried, or even dry hair, to get the most out of the effect. I also recommend using it before going outside in the sun and before using heating tools as it's both UV and heat protecting. 

What makes the series stand out from other silver series?
- I've tried so many silver series for blonde hair in my life time and most of them made my hair feel really dry. The Blonde Perfection Silver series makes your hair silky smooth, shiny and nourished. Your hair won't get tangled and its easy to brush through. Most importantly, it makes my hair color cool and really beautiful.