We're Löving!

We let YOU put our new Trust Me - Deodorant to test!

| Olivia Sandström

When Trust Me - Deodorant first launched in Februay this year, it immediately sold out. Both dedicated Löwengrip consumers as well as beauty influencers praised the formula and scent all over social media. The hype was real! A couple of months has gone by and summer is now here. As the degrees goes up, it becomes even more important to be able to trust that the deodorant we use keeps us protected all day.

 Will Trust Me Deodorant pass the test? We let you decide!

"Lovely fresh scent and I love that it absorbs quickly and lasts all day long!"

Our aim was to create a brand new effective and long-lasting anti-perspirant for you to love as much as the best-sellers Count On Me - Deodorant and Healthy Glow - Deodorant.

"After trying countless deodorants, I've finally found a new favorite! It has all the properties I wish for in a deodorant, it absorbs quickly, it doesn't stain my clothes and the most imporant, you'll feel fresh all day without the slightest odor!"

In addition to that, it needed to be more than just a deodorant - we wanted it to really elevate the small, daily routine that putting on deodorant means. That includes creating an amazing and unique scent that adds a luxurious sense to your routine, while its caring and nourishing formula takes care of even the most sensitive skin. All this without ever compromising with its long-lasting effect!

"It smells incredibly good, it has a subtle fruity fragrance that is not too sharp! It really lasts all day and you don't have to worry about even the slighest sweat or odor. I didn't know that you could feel so hyped up because of a deodorant but yes, if something really is good enough you can!😅😁"

We decided to create a really refreshing and fruity fragrance of pomegranate and peach. The subtle and luxurious, yet fresh and summery scent is a great fit for both office days as for lazy days by the beach.

"An amazing deodorant with a subtle fragrance"

We wanted to spoil your skin with a super moisturizing formula that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and healthy, so we decided to enrich it with second generation sheanut. Lastly, we let you decide on its name: Trust Me - Deodorant. Gladly, you seem to agree that it really lives up to its name!

Click here to shop Trust Me - Deodorant. 139 SEK/50 ml.