We're Löving!

Löwengrip Vegan formulas

| Katie Moore

Löwengrip is proud to have environmentally friendly production and vegan formulas*.  We only produce in Sweden.

We take a holistic approach to product formulation. Together with our chemists, we select only the very best, most effective ingredients, from the basic carrier substances right through to the active extracts. We focus on the synergies of the entire formula, not just the actives.

What does vegan products mean? It means ingredient that exclude all animal-derived products or ingredients. It also means not using ingredients that are processed using animal products.

Every Löwengrip product is highly innovative and unique. Every product solves a beauty challenge and stands out in product quality and satisfaction. While many brands in the beauty industry offer standard recipes in standardised packaging, we pride ourselves on being bespoke all the way: We carefully select every single ingredient, then develop the perfect packaging to ensure optimum delivery of the final product.

Löwengrip has tried and tested the formulas in one of the world's toughest climates, the Nordic region, where our skin and hair must cope with extreme temperatures, sun, snow, and wind on a daily basis. At Löwengrip, we have products to protect and nourish your skin and hair - wherever you are in the world. Products that really keep their promise. Products you can trust.


*Pixie Dust - Hairspray & Sleeping Sensation - Hydrating Mask will be introduced as vegan during early 2021.