We're Löving!

About us - who are we?

| Katie Moore

Löwengrip is Beauty Innovation from Sweden.

  • Bespoke recipes produced in Sweden
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and scalp with efficient results
  • Vegan

Our bespoke product recipes are created by our own chemists and produced in Sweden. All Löwengrip products will provide you with efficient results suitable for sensitive skin and scalp.

Each product is solution oriented for the woman on the go. No hassle, just great results!

We pride ourselves on environmentally friendly production and vegan formulas (Pixie Dust Hairspray & Sleeping Sensation Hydrating Mask will be introduced as vegan later this year). 

We take a holistic approach to product formulation. We select only the very best, most effective ingredients, from the basic carrier substances right through to the active extracts. We focus on the synergies of the entire formula, not just the actives. As a result, our holistic formulations will, for example, lock in moisture longer than many other hydrating products on the market. 

Every Löwengrip product is highly innovative and unique. Every product solves a beauty challenge and stands out in product quality and satisfaction. While many brands in the beauty industry offer standard recipes in standardised packaging, we pride ourselves on doing things differently! We carefully select every single ingredient, then develop the perfect packaging to ensure optimum delivery of the final product.

Löwengrip Beauty was founded in 2012 by the entrepreneurial duo Isabella Löwengrip and Pingis Hadenius. Isabella is the biggest influencer in the Nordics and Pingis a beauty industry veteran and beauty journalist. The idea behind the company was to create gentle yet efficient products for sensitive skin and scalp, something that Isabella had been looking for her whole life. The duo also wanted the production and company to be based in Sweden.

Dermanordic, a prestige beauty conglomerate with operations in all Nordic countries, bought Löwengrip Beauty in Q1 2020. With its leading role in premium skincare they are taking Löwengrip to the next level. 

The Swedish beauty routine: Embracing Lagom
The Scandi lifestyle is centered on a “less is more” or lagom approach, the aim being to find balance across life as a whole.

Sweden - a nation of engineers and the birthplace of the Nobel Prize; a country that prides itself on innovation and technological advancement. Global life-changers like Skype, Spotify and Minecraft are just a few examples of the countless innovations created in Sweden in recent times.

The beauty brand Löwengrip is a prime example: its Swedish heritage imbues the brand with an innovative approach anchored in close ties to technology in product development, resulting in cutting-edge products of outstanding quality. Sweden is also renowned for its efficiency, a value reflected in our product promise - effective treatments with long-lasting results.

Our solid community is built on trust and honesty. You can always trust a Swede!

What does the Swedish beauty routine entail?
Swedish beauty is living proof that you don’t need a 12-step skincare regimen (in stark contrast to K-beauty) to achieve great skin. With our approach, you can get great results in just three steps!

A Swedish Skin Care Routine
Simple and high-quality, innovative and effective - a pared-back, functional beauty routine with proven steps that provide visible results! There are three steps to the Swedish beauty routine: cleanse, restore/exfoliate and rehydrate. Apply products in the direction of blood flow to maximize body balance, always focusing strokes towards the heart.

The Swedish beauty philosophy is also built on trust, honesty, transparency, open source and ecological sustainability. We pride ourselves on our unspoiled landscape and take good care of our environment through initiatives such as advanced recycling procedures and clean energy.

The Swedish ethos of beauty is about more than just products - it’s how we live, what we eat, the way we think; it’s a lifestyle
Swedish women constantly strive to find balance in all the important aspects of health: what to eat, how to exercise, what to apply to their skin, and - last but not least, how to live a happy and fulfilled life. Balance is key - any disruption to that equilibrium will manifest in the body’s largest organ, the skin. It is as simple, and as complicated, as that! 

The Löwengrip Skin Care Routine
Double Cleanse. First, remove make-up and surface grime, then deep-cleanse to remove impurities. The multifunctional cleanser Clean & Calm is gentle but effective: it dissolves eye makeup and cleanses the entire face in one wash – now that’s beauty innovation! Use half a pump of product for both face and décolletage then rinse off with plenty of water. Once or twice a week, add exfoliation to your routine. Purify my skin can be used either on its own or mixed together with Clean & Calm for a more tailored, milder effect. Restore your skin’s PH-balance, hydrate and minimize enlarged pores by layering Moisture On The Go facial water over the entire face. Either spritz onto the face and décolletage or sweep across the skin with a cotton pad. This spray is also perfect for adding hydration and freshness on the go.

If its hot outside, store the mist in the fridge and enjoy a cold refreshing shower of mist over the face.
Rehydrate: Starting with the eyes, Eye Lighter eye cream is deeply moisturizing with light-reflective, circulation-boosting* properties (*diminishes puffiness). One pea-sized amount is enough for both eyes. Apply along the orbital bone, above and below the eye, beginning at the inner corner and tapping gently outwards towards the temple. The warmth of the skin will help the product melt towards the eye.

Next, deeply rehydrate the skin by massaging in The Serum before applying moisturizer. A few drops will enhance the moisture level of the skin throughout the day and night. With its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal properties, The Serum is the perfect foundation for good skin health. Apply from the hairline down to the décolletage. Follow with the calming and deeply hydrating The Cream to lock in moisture - you’ll notice the difference immediately.

To treat your skin to an extra dose of moisture and nutrition, apply a face mask 1-2 times a week. Sleeping Sensation provides complete recovery and repair for the skin while you sleep. If your skin is very dry, use daily as a nourishing facial cream.

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