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Sweden Made with Marville Road & 20% discount!

| Katie Moore

#SWEDENMADE is an initiative from Löwengrip. It’s a way to highlight and enhance the values our origin brings. This week we got inspiration from Swedish fashion brand Marville Road.  

Marville Road is founded by the lawyer and designer Jenny Holmén. The Swedish brand offers stylish high-quality pieces for everyday wear.  

What is Swedish in your brand DNA? 
"We make sleek and seasonless pieces for women who want to achieve a little bit more. Marville Road was created on the principle that fashion should inspire women to be their best."

What in the Swedish culture is most noticeable in your brand/design? 
"The sleek, comfy and feminine design that could be worn 24/7 by the modern busy woman. "

How does Marville Road empower women? 
"Our hope is to appeal to women who are looking for a piece for a lifetime, not just a moment in time. They all have different professions, personalities and styles - and we want to make each of these women feel presentable and at ease so that they can stay focused at work, and on what’s important in their lives."

What is the beauty routine in the Marville Road team? 
"We always keep at least one face mist close to our desks. A splash of face mist and a good blouse takes us from desk to dinner in less than five minutes."  

Favourite Löwengrip product? 
The "Instant Glow Facial Mist". A true everyday hero! 

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