We're Löving!

Sweden Made - with Cravingz

| Katie Moore


#SWEDENMADE is an initiative from Löwengrip. It’s a way to highlight and enhance the values our origin brings. We pride ourselves that the bespoke Löwengrip products are developed and made in Sweden with its environmentally friendly production. They are gentle on the skin, but you will notice swift results immediately.  

The Swedish heritage imbues the brand with an innovative approach anchored in close ties to technology in product development, resulting in cutting-edge products of outstanding quality.  

Sweden is also renowned for its efficiency, sustainability, innovation, environmentally consciousness and friendliness. To put a greater spotlight on #Swedenmade we have invited other Swedish brands rooted here.  

Our guest this week is the ice cream company Cravingz. The ice cream is produced in Sweden with local ingredients, without added sugar. The company is founded by Michaela Lagerqvist and Emma Skytt:  


What is the most Swedish in your brand DNA?  
The most Swedish in our DNA is the compassion for our Swedish agriculture and nature, our clean design and our strive to constantly evolve in every aspect. 

How has the Swedish heritage impacted the development of the brand?  
We are very passionate about our Swedish agriculture and nature, so we are only working with Swedish egg and milk farmers. We also produce our ice cream here in Sweden to minimize the transportation and our impact on the environment. 
We are very compassionate about the people that we meet and we always try to stay humble, open hearted and open minded to the people around us. 

What do you like the most about Sweden?  
The best with Sweden is definitely the midsummer celebrations and our Swedish strawberries! 

What is Swedish fika to you?  
A cup of hot filter coffee and a chocolate ball together with great company.  

What is “embracing lagom” to you? 
To embrace “lagom” for us is to always do your best, but to not put to much pressure on yourself and to know that you can’t do it all yourself! Take a step back and let someone else take the steering wheel every once in a while. We do it best when we’re in it together! 

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