We're Löving!

Sweden Made with Daynight Casual

| Katie Moore

#SWEDENMADE is an initiative from Löwengrip. It’s a way to highlight and enhance the values our origin brings. We pride ourselves that the bespoke Löwengrip products are developed and made in Sweden with its environmentally friendly production. They are gentle on the skin, but you will notice swift results immediately.  
The Swedish heritage imbues the brand with an innovative approach anchored in close ties to technology in product development, resulting in cutting-edge products of outstanding quality.   
Sweden is also renowned for its efficiency, sustainability, innovation, environmentally consciousness and friendliness. To put a greater spotlight on #Swedenmade we have invited other Swedish brands rooted here.  


This week we met up with the fashion brand with arty prints, Daynight Casual, and its founder Tess Callervik. The brand is made for those of us who love details!  

What is the most Swedish part about your brand DNA?  
We LOVE Sweden and find most of our inspiration in nature and it's inhabitants, that you often can see it in our patterns. One of our previous collections was for example named  "The Swedish Forest".  

How has the Swedish heritage impacted the development of the brand?  
Our focus is to create everyday key pieces that you easily can wear day as night. You should be able to go from work in a garment and just add a pair of earrings and be ready for a dinner out. A typical Swedish woman is always on the go. We want to be a brand that makes everyday life a little easier. 

What do you like the most about the Swedish Fall?  
The nature, the smells, the colours, the air ... 

What is Swedish fika to you? 
Swedish Fika is for me a nice cup of coffee and a cardamom bun in a good company. 

What is “embracing lagom” to you? 
Embracing "Lagom" for us is to create smaller collections in the highest quality. Our aim is to produce long-lasting garments without leaving a negative footprint after us.