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Isabella Löwengrip: "Create a unique and timeless hero-product".

| Olivia Sandström

When Löwengrip's founder Isabella Löwengrip was pregnant with her son in 2013, she quickly identified that one, very essential product, was missing on the market. That's when she decided to fill this gap herself. The result? The launch of Löwengrip's very first product: Count On Me - Deodorant, which immediately became an untouchable best-seller. And just like that, a brand new hero-product was born. 

Hi, Isabella! Why did you launch Count On Me - Deodorant as Löwengrip's first product? 

- Ever since the launch of Löwengrip in 2013, the company has followed me on my life journey while I've combined my family life with my career. When founding Löwengrip, I was pregnant and wanted to create a reliable anti-perspirant that was super effective and really worked, yet gentle to use. As I was pregnant, and also have sensitive skin myself, using gentle products was very important to me. I couldn't find this type of product, so I decided to create Count On Me - Deodorant.

Did you chose between any alternatives? 
No! For me, there was no doubt in in launching Count On Me as Löwengrip's first product. It was just an obvious choice. 

Did you get any help on making this decision?
No, I simply went for my own ideas that I believed in. Löwengrip went along with my life and my ideas!

Eight years later and Count On Me ist still an untouchable best-seller. What aspect of this launch are you most proud of?
I'm most proud of the fact that Count On Me is an actual problem-solver. This is exactly what I'm always aiming to achieve as an entrepreneur: to solve a problem. Count On Me works: it's effective, yet gentle.

"The most important thing to have in mind is to create a hero-product that's both unique and timeless."
- Isabella Löwengrip, Founder Löwengrip 

What's the most important factor when launching a first hero-product for a company?
The most important thing to have in mind is to create a hero-product that's both unique and timeless. Don't rely too much on trends! Just because a certain subject, product or ingredient is trending right now, it doesn't mean they will be in a year or even in six months from now. It is of the utmost importance that your hero-product is a great fit for your brand in the long term.

Another prodct category that I've launched early that also reached hero-status is Löwengrip's dry shampoos. This decision led our haircare category to be Löwengrip's brand niche for many years. 

Unique fragrances is one thing that signifies all of Löwengrip's products. How did you decide on the scent of Löwengrip's first product?
I've always had a great passion for fragrances! Count On Me has a very fresh scent of lotus flower that I just love. It's not a typical scent used for deodorants either, which makes Count On Me even more unique. Lotus flower has this amazing fragrance, and it also helps cover bad smell very well. 

How does Count On Me, Trust Me and Löwengrip's other deodorants differ from other products on the market?
They've got completely different fragrances and completely different formulas. They are fast-absorbing anti-perspirants which means thay they dries quickly without leaving any stains on your clothes. 

Why do you think that deodorants has remained Löwengrip's best-selling category since day one?
The answer is simple, really: because they work! If a product is effective and works well, people will buy it again.