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How are Löwengrip's products developed?

| Olivia Sandström

Meet Ida Virdebrant, Löwengrip's Production Manager!

Hi, Ida! What does it mean that all of Löwengrip's formulations are 'tailored'?
- Hi! It means that we at Löwengrip create all our formulations from scratch, by ourselves, after our own ideas and wishes. This means that we don't use the already finished product receipes available on the market. Instead, every product in our sortiment are specially developed for Löwengrip. The product development takes around 1,5 year from first idea to finished product. 

How does our product development process look step by step, using the Clean & Calm series as example?
- The Clean & Calm series is a clear example of what Löwengrip is and stands for: problem solving products combining effective yet gentle formulas. We wanted to create a facial series that suits all - regardless of age or skin type, with soothing and hydrating ingredients. After in-depth market research a first brief is sent to our chemist, then tests are evaluated in several rounds. Löwengrip's consumers are involved in our product development in several parts along the process: they help us decide on everything from fragrances and colors to product results.  

How are our product formulations combined? 
- We carefully choose both actives and nourishing ingredients that combined creates  effective and gentle formulations. In addition to the actives, we carefully choose the base of each product. Every single ingredients is selected because of it's unique effect and benefits. We don't use any ingredients of animal origin. 

How do we choose our actives? 
- All ingredients are selected based on whicht effect the developed product has to deliver. We work close to our skin therapists and chemist who contributes with their great expertise and experience from the beauty industry. We solely use secure and stable high quality ingredients from trusted suppliers.
How do we ensure that our skin care products are suitable for sensitive skin?
- All products are developed to suit sensitive skin and scalp, with gentle and caring ingredients. All products has passed the pharmacies mandatory and tough quality tests. Before launching, the products are carefully tested by Löwengrips production team, skin therapists and chemists. All of our skincare products are also dermatologically tested.