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FAQs - what you want to know!

| Katie Moore


We've put together the most frequently asked questions & here are the answers! Let us know if there's anything else you'd like to know & we look forward to answering your questions! 

Is it possible to combine products from your different ranges?
Yes, you can combine all our products. Depending on your skin type and the season - it is good to change up which series you're using to provide your skin, scalp or body with necessary ingredients.  For instance, our The Cure – Hair Mask is perfect to combine with our other shampoos or conditioners to provide extra moisture and our Instant Glow series works perfect with Daily Facial Care to add that extra glow.

Can I use The Serum – Facial Serum even though my skin is oily?
Yes, you can use The Serum - Facial Serum even if your skin is oily. The product suits all skin types. The Serum contains jojoba oil which balances the production of sebum. It helps with both underproduction (dry and easily irritated skin) and overproduction (oily skin). The Serum also makes all products applied afterwards up to three times more effective. 

Do you use paraben or sulfate in your products?
We do not use paraben in our products, nor sulfate except for in our Clean Up – Shower Gel where a kind of sulfate is used.

Are your using silicones in your products?
We have a small amount of silicones in our haircare. Our hair care mostly contains under 1 % silicones and are water-soluble. Silicones makes your hair soft and adds shine. Silicon also preserves moisture and protects from heat. It embraces your hair without sealing it, making it possible for other ingredients to sink deeper into your hair.  

Are your products vegan?
All our products are vegan except for:

  • Sleeping Sensation – Hydration Mask
  • Pixie Dust – Hairspray 

What should I think of when trying new facial care?
The skin varies from person to person which makes it difficult to say how your skin will handle on a new facial care product. When trying a new facial care product, you should always apply it on you neck close to your ear and leave it on for 24 hours. This way you get a chance to see how the specific product works on your skin. You should also keep in mind that results are shown 2-10 weeks after trying a new product. 

Can your products be used during a pregnancy or when breastfeeding?
All our products except for Advanced Skin Care – Cell Renewal Facial Cream can be used during a pregnancy or when breastfeeding. During a pregnancy or when breastfeeding the skin gets extra sensitive and can change structure. Therefore, Advanced Skin Care – Cell Renewal Facial Cream should not be used due to the retinol which is an active ingredient.

Are your products tested on animals?
No, our products are not animal tested. Cosmetic products that have been tested on animals are illegal to sell within the European Union. Find more information about animal testing here:

What is Löwengrips view on sustainability?
Löwengrip Beauty AB subsequently strive to create holistic solutions that are as socially, environmentally and economically sustainable as possible. Read more about our work  .

How can I recycle your products?
Through our factories we are a part of FTI, Förpacknings & Tidningsinsamlingen and we encourage you to recycle all our products when empty. Depending on product it should be disposed as plastic or glass at a recycling center. Please reach out to support@lowengrip.com if you are uncertain on how your product should be recycled.

 Where are your products manufactured?
All our products are created and manufactured in Sweden!

Where is my order?
An order confirmation is sent via email shortly after you have placed your order. Please check you spam box if the email is there, if not please send us an email at support@lowengrip.com stating your name and email address that was added on your order. Your order will be shipped within 1-3 working days after receiving your order. We have a standard delivery time on 3-5 working days in Sweden and 5-8 working days outside of Sweden. If you have not received any shipping confirmation or your order 5 days after placing your order please send an email with your order number to support@lowengrip.com.

What is the shipping cost?
We are offering free shipping! 

What shipment methods are you offering?
All our orders are shipped with DHL or UPS. The order will be delivered to your nearest postal office whereby you will be notified to collect it.

How do I return my order?
Löwengrip Beauty AB wants you to be 100% happy with your item. You therefore have the right of withdrawal and full refund for 14 days, which is in accordance with the statutory right of withdrawal. The right of withdrawal or return is only applicable on goods where the actual item and its packaging are in an unaltered state, i.e. undamaged in sealed packaging. You, the customer, are responsible for return shipping charges. Refund will be paid into your bank account within 30 days if you, the consumer, cancel your purchase. You should always contact our customer service team at support@lowengrip.com prior to returning any goods to us and have your customer number or invoice number at the ready when you contact our team. For us to be able to handle your return, you must include the original delivery note that you received in the original parcel.