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Meet, Ida - our production manager!

| Katie Moore

Meet Ida - she's our fantastic Production Manager. Ida takes care of all of the products that you know and love. She works closely with Isabella to create products for people with sensitive skin & those who are looking for efficient results. Ida has been part of the Löwengrip journey for almost five years. Read on to find out Ida's at home tips when using the Advanced Skincare Series, as well as a Q&A. 

Tips for Using Advanced Skincare While at Home

Step 1: 
AHA, BHA and Retinol are great ingredients if you want to boost your skin care routine and get visible results, but be careful. First time use: Test the product on a small area on the neck and wait 24 hours before applying to the face to check for sensitivity.

Step 2: 
Even if you’re spending most of the time indoors right now, don’t forget to add sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher) when going outside. Active ingredients such as Retinol makes the skin more sensitive for the UV rays.

Step 3: 
While using active ingredients like Retinol, AHA and BHA, make sure that your skin care routines still includes soothing and hydrating products to strengthen the skin. With a combined routine of active and soothing ingredients, your skin will feel better than ever before. I also want to highlight the importance of getting enough sleep, a varied diet, lots of water and joy in your life.

Q&A with Löwengrip Production Manager, Ida Virdebrant.

Q: What are the benefits of using Advanced Skin Care?
There are many benefits! The series exfoliates the skin and penetrates the pores, which also dissolves fat and opens up clogged pores. Extra effective for dealing with hyperpigmentation, impurities, enlarged pores, wrinkles, redness, acne and blackheads. 

Q: Are there any tips for using the products that you can give our readers who are spending their time indoors now?
As I mentioned before, be cautious when trying new products. Don’t start a whole new facial routine at once, give your skin some time to adjust and get used to the new products. For example, start using the cleanser once a day, and after a week or two, start introducing a new facial cream a couple of times a week. Phase in the products one by one. It takes about a month for your skin to get used to new products.

Q: One of the key ingredients in Advanced Skincare is retinol. Why is this ingredient an important part of your skincare routine? 
Retinol is a type of vitamin A; a "cellular communicative" ingredient with repairing and smoothing effects. Retinol is a very effective ingredient in skincare products because its molecules are very small. It works as a powerful antioxidant within the skin and works against the accumulation of free radicals, stimulates and repairs the collagen and elastin production in the skin, suppresses and regulates the production of sebum as well as reduces pigmentation caused by sun damage by increasing cell renewal.

Q: When creating these products with our Swedish Chemists, what were some considerations that you and Isabella thought about?
Our Creative Director Isabella Löwengrip wanted to develop a more advanced skin care series with visible results, suitable for sensitive skin. Together with our Swedish Chemists, we worked over a year to come up with the best formula and best suited ingredients. The whole range is vegan.

 Thanks Ida!