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The thickening effect explained by a Skin Therapist

| Olivia Sandström

Löwengrip's Skin Therapist and Head Trainer Emelie Focklin are all about ingredients. We asked Emelie to explain how the thickening formula in the new Build & Bounce - Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner works.

Build & Bounce – Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner are enriched with effective ingredients such as proteins, Panthenol and Biotionyl Tripeptid-1. How does the formula work to thicken thin hair? 
- The new Build & Bounce Thickening series are developed to thicken thin from the first use as well as on long term. Proteins gives an instant texturizing effect, while Panthenol hydrates and strengthens the hair on long term. Peptides works down in the hair follicles and can stimulate hair growth.

Emelie Focklin, Skin Therapist and Head Trainer, Löwengrip

What ingredients can be found in both skincare and haircare products? 
- Build & Bounce Thickening series contains several ingredients that you may recognize from your skincare products! Vitamin B5 is an ingredient with hydrating properties which is needed in both haircare and skincare. Antioxidants protects against environmental damage caused by free radicals and can also have an antimicrobial effect. Peptides is another ingredient with cell activating properties beneficial for both the skin and scalp.

What's the difference between peptides and proteins? 
- Peptides are amino acids that comes in chains less than fifthy, while proteins are amino acids thar comes in chains more than fifthy. This means that peptides has a greater potential to penetrate the skin deeper compared to the larger proteins. On the other hand, proteins needs to be larger in ordet to add fullness and texture to thin and fine hair strands.

Biotin is a vitamin commonly used as supplement to boost hair, skin and nails. Can it also be used in haircare? 
- Yes! Build & Bounce Thickening series are enriched with a combination of Biotin and Peptides that both thickens and strengthens the hair.