We're Löving!

Wondering how to get glowing, glossy hair? We'll tell you!

| Katie Moore

We're all striving for that magazine glossy hair - but how do we get there without a professional on call? Well, the answer is quite simple...

First, start by washing your hair only once or twice per week. The reason for this is that the hair is self cleaning and the naturals oils in the hair and on the scalp are important for our hair health. 

Second, make sure to always use a heat protecting spray before blow drying your hair. Heat protecting sprays are around for a reason - to protect the hair on our head from becoming damaged and burnt. Even if you can't see if with the naked eye, strong heat from a hair-drier or hair straighter can damage the hair and have long lasting effects, if not taken proper care of.  I would also recommend drying your hair roughly to begin with, and then using a hairbrush (round or flat) to smooth it out & dry the hair in the desired look. 

Finally, it helps tremendously to use any additional products that your hair will suck up! A Hair Oil or the Volumzing Lotion are perfect products that the hair love! After cleaning the hair thoroughly we need to give it back it's oils and proteins. This will help to improve the gloss and shine! and then of course a Finishing Spray adds an irresistible final touch! 

"I have a classic brittle and delicate Scandinavian blonde hair so a care routine for my hair is vital. This is how I take care of my hair to get maximum glow!"
- Isabella Löwengrip

 Isabella's Routine:

Step 1:
Wash thoroughly once per week. Washing it more often makes it dry and less glowy. I wash it twice, preferably with the Löwengrip The Cure series or the Blond Perfection series to enhance my cold shade of blonde. If I have time, I use a hair mask I prefer to use the 10-15 minutes of time that the mask does its job to wind down. Clear the head and wind down in the cosy and quiet atmosphere a bathroom brings.

Step 2:
Blow dry with care! As I only wash once per week, I style my hair carefully. I apply the Löwengrip Volumizing lotion to protect my hair from the heat of the blow dryer. It also makes the hair dry faster; I love to save time. The lotion also adds volume to my lengths. With a thin typical Scandinavian hair, it really makes a difference. Glow and volume is a great combination to feel that your hair is wonderful.

Step 3:
Between washes I use a dry shampoo to keep my hair feeling newly washed. I apply it to the roots, not spraying it on the hair like a hair spray. A favourite is Löwengrip Good to go in the scent Caramel and cream. I have a sweet tooth!

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