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Prolong the feeling of freshly washed hair: the secret behind the innovative formula!

| Olivia Sandström

Löwengrip's Skin Therapist and Head Trainer Emelie Focklin explains all about the effective yet gentle formulas in the haircare series Blonde Perfection and Long Lasting.

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Blonde Perfection and Long Lasting effectively prolongs the feeling of freshly washed hair. How does the innovative formula work? 
- When combined, the key ingredients in the formula creates a synergy effect that prolongs the feeling of freshly washed hair. Both of the series are enriched with bamboo extract which provides a sebum balancing effect on the scalp. This helps to normalize an increased production of sebum, resulting in that the hair feels fresh for longer.

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What are the nourishing key ingredients in Blonde Perfection and Long Lasting? 
- In addition to balancing the sebum, bamboo extract also helps to protect the hair. Wheat proteins rebuilds and strenghtens damaged hair. These ingredients can be found in both series. Blonde Perfection is also enriched with blackberry extract and violet pigments to minimize warm and yellow tones. 

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How does these series work on a sensitive scalp? 
- Just like all Löwengrip products, both series are including for the sensitive skin and scalp and are formulated with effective yet gentle ingredients - without any dehydrating substances.