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Q&A on the Long Lasting Series

| Katie Moore


Meet, Dominika Newelska, a C.I.D.E.S.C.O-certified makeup artist & hairstylist as well as program leader at Skönhetsakuten. We've asked Dominika to answer our top haircare questions. 

What are the benefits of the Long-Lasting haircare series? 

The Long-Lasting Haircare series is gentle and leaves the hair very nourished. It helps to strengthen hair and balance the production of sebum thanks to ingredients such as bamboo-extract. It also has heat-protecting benefits to help minimise breakage and damage when using hot styling tools. After using this series, the hair is protected from free radicals and damage caused by sun exposure. The shampoo and conditioner is optimal for normal and/or color treated hair.  However the Long-Lasting series is also suitable for all hair types - as it offers some extra love! 


What is your favourite product from the Long-Lasting series?   
One the top of my favourites would be the Anti-frizz cream & the Heat Protector. 

Heat Protector – what are your tips for how to use the heat protector? Why should everyone use a heat protector? 
If one uses any type of heated tools, including a blow dryer, one should always use a heat protector! Heat protecting products shield hair from excessive damage caused by heat. A good heat protector will also help with the styling process and it will also keep hair from drying out and leave it shining. 

Heat Protector can be used in two ways, on damp hair or on dry. If you dry your hair with a blow dryer, add the Heat protector to damp hair. Hold nozzle about 20cm from hair and spray evenly. Hair should be evenly covered but not drowned in product. The other way to use Heat Protector is to add it to dry hair prior to using heated tools such as a straightener or a curling iron. Make sure to cover hair evenly, but at such a distance that it doesn’t soak the hair. Use tools to shape hair as desired. Let hair cool in shape before brushing through. The Heat Protector from Löwengrip also helps protect hair from damaging UV-rays making it optimal even for color treated hair.


Quick Hair Treatment – what are the benefits to using a quick hair treatment? How often should you use it? Any special tips & tricks? 
A Quick hair treatment is just that, a Quick treatment. The Quick hair treatment from Löwengrip is a fast acting mask to be used anywhere between 3 to 10 minutes depending on what condition your hair is in. Full of nourishing ingredients such as pomegranate and bamboo hair is repaired and boosted with moisture, leaving it healthy-looking, fresh and shiny. The Quick hair treatment also preserves color and gives a silky smooth finish to the hair. It is to be used after shampoing as an additional step in your cleansing routine. Depending on the current condition of your hair, leave treatment in for 3 to 10 minutes. The dryer or more damaged your hair is, the longer the treatment should stay in. Rinse hair thoroughly and always remember to use conditioner afterwards! The Quick hair treatment is an extra product and should not replace your regular conditioner. I always give my own hair a boost once a week to keep it in good shape.


Shampoo & Conditioner –  what are some tips about shampoo & conditioner best practices that many people likely don’t know? 
There really isn’t one answer to ”how often”as each and every hair scalp and hair type is unique. Depending on if you have a high or low level of sebum production, and whether your hair is fine or coarse, curly or straight, the frequency of how often you need to wash your hair will vary. The key is to find a routine that suits you in the current condition of your scalp and hair.  

With that said, a good place to start is every second or third day. Excessive washing might also have a negative effect as it could strip your hair of natural oils and potentially lead to even more oil. The trick is to find that middle path that works for you, right now. In between washes you can always add either a dry shampoo that adds no body (like the Good to Go light) or one that also adds volume and texture (like Good to Go) depending on what you prefer. 

I always recommend shampooing hair twice. Once to remove styling products and dust and dirt that sticks to hair, and the second time to cleanse scalp and give lengths a good wash through. Rinse your hair well and then add conditioner to lengths of hair and let sit for about two minutes before rinsing it out thoroughly.

In general I would say if your hair is fine and/or flat, wash it every second day. If your hair is thick wash about once or twice a week. For hair that is naturally curly, you might want to try 2-3 times a week. Oily hair is usually good with every other day. For hair that is damaged you might want to take it easy and try with every 2-3 days.

Regarding the amount of product one should use, it depends on the length of your hair. The longer the hair, the more you might need. But anywhere between the size of a chick pea to the size of a grape for each wash is just about right.