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Level Up - Volumizing: An ambitious hair series

| Olivia Sandström

Löwengrip Brand Director Fanny Sandström on the development of the new Level Up - Volumizing series.

How does Level Up - Volumizing embody the concept Ambitious Beauty? 
- Level Up - Volumizing is ambitious as it is delivering on our promise to be both problem solving, multifunctional and sensory.It is a multifunctional and result oriented series. Allowing the user to Level Up their hair routine whilst also enjoy a hydrated hair, even if they have a sensitive scalp. In addition it provides a color-protecting effect  – as we no that our consumers don't want to choose: they want great results in all areas.

"I adore this series as I am definitely the target consumer. I love my hair to be more volumous whilst I am also in need for rehydration. As I also color my hair it is important to prolong my hair color. All of this is what I get in the Level Up – Volumizing series. And also – the scent is actually my favourite Löwengrip scent so far. I would want it everywhere in my home!"
- Fanny Sandström, Brand Director Löwengrip

How was Level Up – Volumizing developed? 
- We stay connected in our product development process and this series was developed based on the need from our consumers. We learnt that a majority has naturally flat hair, 74% wanted more volume and 89% wanted volumizing products which was also rehydrating. This is what we are now launching. With the addition of an amazing scent to ensure the Level Up - Volumizing series elevate your everyday beauty routine. 

What hair types does the series suit? 
- It is suitable for anyone wanting a more root lifted volomuous hair which remains hydrated!