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Isabella Löwengrip's favorite beauty hack on the go

| Olivia Sandström

How does Isabella Löwengrip, Co-Founder Löwengrip, keep her hair looking fresh and stylish every day of the week? We asked Isabella to share her best hair hacks when it comes to using dry shampoo as a styling product.

Hi Isabella! Why did you create Good To Go - Dry Shampoo? 
- Something that was very important to me when I founded Löwengrip was to create gentle products with amazing scents that are easy to use. I also love multifunctional beauty products and that's exactly what those are. They come in many enticing scents and textures for both blondes and brunettes. It was actually thanks to Good Tog Go that Löwengrip became so big within the haircare category to begin with!

What do you like most about Good To Go? 
- I want my hair to always feel fresh and look stylish - no matter if it's freshly washed or not. Good To Go is the perfect product for this purpose. It's super effective for getting rid off oiliness and I love that it's volumizing and texturizing. I've always been very passionate about fragrances and Caramel & Cream is one of my all time favorite scents. 

What's your favorite hair-do the day before washing your hair? 
- I apply Good To Go - Dry Shampoo in my bangs to get a fresh look and to add volume. Then I put it up with a hair clip or in a simple ponytail. It's perfect for a super quick hair-do that looks timeless and stylish. I also like to apply dry shampoo in freshly washed hair to build up volume and texture. The texture makes it easier to style my fine hair and gives it a fuller look.