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Isabella Löwengrip: "My Monday quick fix"

| Katie Moore

We all need time saving advice when a new week awaits. Here is Isabella’s quick hair styling tips for a great Monday.  With a little twist you can feel hair confident in two minutes!  Isabella has a long hair and sometimes spends an hour or more to style it by thoroughly blow drying it and using curlers. However, on a Monday morning, few of us have that time, but we still want to look and feel good.  

Can you share your best quick hair fix to feel hair confident?  
Well I’m a fan of dry shampoo for a quick fix, together with smart accessories. With kids I never now how much time I will have in the morning, so I have to have a rapid routine.  

So what is your 2-minute routine?  
I start with applying a lot of dry shampoo, massaging it at the roots into the scalp. Then I put my hair in a low ponytail and tie a silk scarf around the ponytail. Finally, I take out two loops of hair at the fringe, in front, which I bend with a straightener. spray with Pixie dust over the whole head as it’s a light hair spray that doesn’t create a “helmet effect”. In two minutes I feel job-chic and ready to take the day by storm!  

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